HK government condemns secession protesters Published: 2019/12/23 3:58:59

Rioters remove a Chinese national flag and throw it on the ground on December 22. Photo: Screenshot of HK media

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government condemned radical protesters for waving the Hong Kong secession flag, shouting pro-secession slogans, and desecrating China's national flag, and said that for anyone who has committed such violations will bear the penalties, Hong Kong media reported Sunday.

For those found guilty of the violation could be sentenced up to three years into prison and fined $6,414, according to the law, the report said citing regional government spokesperson. 

The comments were made after police arrested two violent protesters during a rally on Sunday at Edinburgh Place where rioters assaulted police officers, while trying to help one of the apprehended protesters escape, posing a serious threat to public safety, local media reported. 

Media reported the rally was held to show support for Xinjiang and Tibet separatism and attendees included Andy Chan Ho-tin, founder and former convener of the Hong Kong National Party, and Labor Party veteran and ex-lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan.

According to a report released Sunday, radicals waved Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang separatism flags as well as US and UK flags. They also removed a Chinese national flag and threw it on the ground.  

Chinese national flag has been torn down and damaged by protesters at least 12 times throughout the six months of unrest in the city, according to local media.

In one video circulating online, rioters throw hard objects at police officers, kick them from behind, and in one instance try to seize an officer's gun.

The video also depicts a police officer picking up a Chinese national flag and arresting a rioter.

Hong Kong media said a police officer drew his gun to warn and disperse rioters, and removed barricades so traffic could be restored.